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For 9-11 Grade Math/Sci  Summer Assignments - Please select "Math/Sci Summer Assignments" from the drop down box on the Specialty Center Tab
Do you love to learn? At the Math & Science High School students are engaged in a world class curriculum for high ability learners. Here students learn to think and problem solve in a liberal arts program. It’s the relevant and dynamic instruction that you and colleges are looking for. Whether you love English, math, science or history, you will find challenging and exciting classes at the Math & Science High School. Click "More information" to find out why everyone wants to be Math/Sci.

The Math & Science High School at Clover Hill, is a magnet school for high ability learners. Since 1994 we have provided a liberal arts curriculum that is challenging, meaningful and relevant to thousands of successful students. Our graduates have become leaders in every field including medicine, performance, law, engineering, art, business and architecture. We don’t specialize in the math and science; we specialize in thinking and problem solving. We develop skills and tools that are essential to success in any college major and career. At Math/Sci, students construct a deep understanding of English, science, math and social studies. They discover the connections between the disciplines and develop a broader appreciation and an applicable grasp of the natural world and the human experience. From here our students confidently achieve their goals.

Students, parents, families and colleges have taken notice and they like our product. We are a member of the NCSSSMST, a national consortium of magnet schools. Applications are judged holistically using the student’s transcripts, teacher recommendations, admissions test and other data. The Math & Science High School is a four year program accepting one hundred freshmen each year. Students must have residency in Chesterfield County at the time of enrollment.