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Lunches & Breakfast

Students Eating in Cafeteria

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Use MyLunchMoney.com for EASY lunch payments! Establish an account, check balances and fund the account anytime from your home computer, phone or fax.
Call 1-800-479-3531 or visit www.myLunchMoney.com

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Use our Nutrislice App to view school menus on your computer, via email, or on your mobile device! Nutrislice provides detailed ingredient lists and nutritional information about school lunches and breakfasts! http://www.mychesterfieldschools.nutrislice.com/

Visit our Food and Nutritional Services site for more information and to find out about our Free or Reduced-Price Lunch program.http://mychesterfieldschools.com/food-and-nutrition-services/

Lunch & Breakfast Prices for High School:
HS- $2.75 
Breakfast - all levels $1.50
Adult- all levels $3.25 lunch $1.85 breakfast