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Our school is committed to establishing an athletic program of excellence. We believe that a dynamic program of student athletics is vital to the educational, physical and social development of the student.

Athletes develop the qualities of sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, responsibility and competitiveness through their sport. Our coaching staff strives to nurture these qualities in students because we believe that the early incorporation of these qualities translates into success as adults.

Administration and Coaching Contact Information:

Director of Student Activities: 
    David Zyglocke /  christopher_zyglocke@ccpsnet.net

        Asst. D.S.A.
        Fall / Sean O'Hare - william_ohare@ccpsnet.net
        Winter / Kellilyn Jones - kellilyn_jones@ccpsnet.net
        Spring /  Casey Dellinger - casey_dellinger@ccpsnet.net

Fall Sports Coaching Contact Information:
Cavalettes / Milissa Barrick - milissa_barrick@ccpsnet.net
Cheering / 
    V / Carli Cheatham - carli_cheatham@ccpsnet.net
             Chris Pastore
Cross Country 
    Boys /  Jim Wahrman - James_wahrman@ccpsnet.net
    Girls /  Kevin Carpenter - kevin_carpenter@ccpsnet.net
Field Hockey
    V /  Rhonda Clopton   rhonda_clopton@ccpsnet.net
    JV /  Ann Lambert   annharris_lambert@ccpsnet.net
    V /  Bryan Jennings - bkj8981@gmail.com
    JV /  
Golf  /  Casey Dellinger    casey_delinger@ccpsnet.net         
    V /   Bret Brooks  bret_brooks@ccpsnet.net
    JV /   Jeff Milner   jeffrey_milner@ccpsnet.net
    V /  Michelle Jamieson   Michelle_Jamieson@ccpsnet.net
    JV /
Winter Sports Coaching Contact Information:
    V /  Jim Wahrman   james_wahrman@ccpsnet.net
            Chris Wahrman   chrisopher_wahrman@ccpsnet.net
    JV /
    V /  Lekiesha White 
    JV /  John Stone - john_stone@ccpsnet.net
Swimming /  Coach - Christine Nevel      cln8318@gmail.com
Asst. Coach - Kaitlin Jones   kaitlinsjones@gmail.com      
 Track (Indoor)  /  Kevin Carpenter   keving@carpenter@ccpsnet.net
Wrestling  /  Jeremy Fox  jeremy_fox@ccpsnet.net

Spring Sports Coaching Contact Information:
    V /  Brett Mooney   brett_mooney@ccpsnet.net
    JV / James Wilkerson  james_wilkerson@ccpsnet.net
    Boys /  Patrick Kennedy - patrick_kennedy@ccpsnet.net
    Girls /  Rhonda Clopton - rhonda_clopton@ccpsnet.net
    V /  Blaine Stephenson  - bcstephen1@gmail.com
    JV / Brett Chonko - brett_chonko@ccpsnet.net
    V /  Chuck Anderson Charles_anderson@ccpsnet.net
    JV /
    V /  Glenn Corbin - alibidrummer@gmail.com
    JV /  Lori Payne - lori_payne@ccpsnet.net
    Boys /   
    Girls /  Sally Laskey - sarah_laskey@ccpsnet.net
    Boys /  Jim Wahrman - james_wahrman@ccpsnet.net
    Girls /  Kevin Carpenter - kevin_carpenter@ccpsnet.net


Boys Basketball
Boys Basketball will have tryouts on Monday November 5th through Wednesday November 7. JV will start at 5pm and Varsity will start at 6:30 pm. This means that the young men are stretched, shoes tied, and ready to go at the listed time. All physicals and concussion forms must be up to date in order to tryout. One cut will be made on the 7th. Since the Varsity Football team is still playing, those young men playing football interested in playing basketball will have a 3-day tryout as well once the football season is over. This means that if a young man makes the cut on November 7th, there is still one more cut to get through once the football season is complete.

Indoor Track
Begins Nov. 13.  See Coach Carpenter in Rm. 435 for more information.

Girls Basketball
Tryouts will begin on 11/5 @ 3:30 in the gym

Swim Team
All those interested in trying out for the swim team please complete the following form prior to tryouts.  http://bit.ly/2Co1Eqe 

Monday, November 5th  - Open Swim 3:30 - 4:30

Tuesday, November 6th - Open Swim 3:30 - 4:30

Wednesday, November 7th at 3:30 p.m. - Girls Tryouts

Thursday, November 8th at 3:30 p.m. - Boys Tryouts

Friday, November 9th at 3:30 p.m. - Makeup Tryouts

All tryouts will occur at the Woodlake Aquatics and Fitness Center. All swimmers wishing to tryout must either have a VHSL physical and concussion form already on file with the school from a fall sport or bring the forms with them on the first day of tryouts. No swimmer will be able to participate in tryouts without these forms turned in.