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The CCPS mission of the Instructional Technology Department is to empower teachers to integrate technology, into all aspects of teaching and learning, through the delivery of quality instructional resources and exemplary training. 
The goal of CHES both through resource classes and within the classroom setting is to facilitate a 21st Century learner skill set which focuses on:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication/Presentation
  • Problem-solving and Critical Thinking
  • Technology Basics
  • Virtual Learning Opportunities
  • Information Management
Computer Lab

These are the areas covered in the computer lab:
  • Basic Computer Awareness
  • Application Awareness
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentation/Multimedia
  • Keyboard Awareness
  • Internet Awareness

These technology areas are integrated into a curriculum based lesson.
  • Basic Computer Awareness
  • Logon the computers using logon id and password
  • Logoff the computers
  • Identify parts of the computer (monitor, keyboard, mouse, CPU, headphones)
  • Close windows, resize windows, minimize, maximize screens
  • Click and drag items using a mouse
  • Operating a mouse; double click, right click left click
  • Proper care of the computer
  • Application Awareness
  • Open and close programs
  • Type words in a document using MS Word or Maxwrite
  • Format text - MS Word or Maxwrite 
  • Use spell check as needed
  • Highlight text
  • Print student created document
  • Save files to a network drive
  • Match graphics with words
  • Insert pictures into a document
  • Use graphic organizer
  • Locate a previously saved file
  • Copy and paste
  • Create a spreadsheet and create graphs using MS Excel or Maxcount
  • Interpret graphs
  • Create a slideshow presentation with sounds and animation using MS Powerpoint or Maxshow
  • Create a video using MovieMaker or Photostory
  • Keyboard Awareness
  • Use Type to Learn 3 or other keyboarding programs
  • Proper hand positioning
  • Internet Awareness
  • Select websites on an approved portal
  • Navigate to different links on a website
  • Use Back, Forward, Home buttons
  • Type in URL in the address bar