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CHES is extremely proud of its music program.  Knowledge and skills that students acquire through music instruction include the abilities to think critically, solve problems creatively, make informed judgments, work cooperatively within groups, appreciate different cultures, imagine, and create.   
The state of Virginia provides for Standards of Learning in Music.  These standards are to be used as guidelines and benchmarks for student achievement and to provide a variety of music experiences throughout the different grade levels and grade clusters.  The four strands—Performance and Production, Cultural Context and Music Theory, Judgment and Criticism, and Aesthetics—provide the basis for all instructional strategies that are appropriate to each category.  The standards provide the framework for students to learn ways in which the content of disciplines within and outside the arts are interrelated with the content of music.  The strands are integrated through a variety of classroom and performance activities.  Through individualized instruction and the provision of multiple educational opportunities, students will obtain valuable music skills and knowledge to prepare them for future educational, occupational, and personal endeavors. 
Each year CHES students perform in a variety of venues for students, parents, and the community.  For a listing of upcoming performances please refer to the Clover Hill Elementary School Calendar.