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Visual Arts in elementary school asks students to produce and respond to works of art while learning about its history and various artists.  Art encourages students to open their minds and release their creative side.  Students are pushed to express themselves through their art as well as through critiques.  At the end of each school year, students (grades K-5) will have learned various art techiniques, art vocabulary, and how to engage in art critiques.
Examples of Vocabulary for grades K-5:
  • Kindergarten: artist, color, portrait
  • 1st grade: sculptor, kiln, subject matter
  • 2nd grade: contour line, monochromatic, abstract
  • 3rd grade: cool/warm colors, printing plate, architecture
  • 4th grade: radial pattern, realistic, value, shade
  • 5th grade: textile, complimentary colors, focal point