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Student Leadership

Kid Leaders
Kid Leaders is a student leadership development focus born out of the creative energy of several of our CHES Teachers who first became interested in student leadership after reading the book The Leader in Me. Utilizing morning meetings, morning CHES announcements, and children’s picture books as the foundation for this program, the Kid-Leaders program centers around Sean Covey’s 7 Habits of Happy Kids and Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book Unstoppable Me. This year CHES will be adding an additional concept based on Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer’s bookHow Full is Your Bucket? for Kids. A key element behind the How Full is Your Bucket books is helping one learn how to identify the strengths of another and then using that knowledge to initiate positive interactions with others. Each year representatives from grades 3-5 participate in a Leadership Development Day where they engage in activities designed allow them to study, in depth, leadership characteristics.

For more information on Kid Leaders, please contact either Melissa McAllister, Cheryl Baker, or Lorena Cavan at 739-6220 or you may email them at:

Kid Leaders and Leadership Day
Select 3rd-5th grade students were invited a special Leadership Day Institute. These students were nominated by their peers for their outstanding leadership qualities. 2 Leaders were chosen from each classroom, a boy and a girl. At Leadership Day, students attended sessions on basic leadership tenets, such as the 7 Habits of Effective People/Happy Kids, good leadership versus poor leadership, and effective communication. Students then were tasked with presenting this information to their classmates, and continuing their leadership role in our school. This year, our Kid Leaders gave tours to school visitors, made posters to hang around the school, served on a principal’s panel to give their input on our school, worked on the 25thanniversary time capsule, and discussed pride in our school on the morning announcements. We hope to expand this program each year!