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Exceptional Education

Some of the MCES special education teachers.

The Autism programs at MCES focus on providing strategies and skills that will help our students meet success.  A wide variety of autism specific strategies are used to address academic skills, communication and behavioral needs, as well as sensory, self-help, and social needs.


Students in the Emotional Disturbance (ED) program have been found eligible to receive Special Education Services by our Child Study Team and have a current Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  This educational program seeks to optimize student learning in the school environment by addressing the individualized academic needs of each student.  The Social and Emotional needs of students are also  addressed through formal social skills instruction, which strives to increase self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-control. 


The Learning Disability program at MCES focuses on developing strategies and skills to assist students to meet academic expectations in the school setting.  A variety of strategies, interventions, and accommodations are used to meet students' individual academic needs.


The MiID Program at Marguerite Christian focuses on strategies, appropriate accommodations, and modifications to assist students in the MiID classroom or students mainstreamed in the general ed classroom. Students are given the extra time needed and a host of strategies to strengthen their academic skills, social skills, communication as well as behavior skills to enhance their success and achievement.

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