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Center Based Gifted

Children standing over the James River.

Center Based Gifted is an accelerated and challenging program that supports the regular grade level curriculum while facilitating the development of self-directed learners.  A hands-on, interdisciplinary approach that reaches across the disciplines promoting higher level thinking skills is utilized.  Depth and complexity, as well as creativity, are emphasized within the classroom.


We think the students also benefit from the discussion and collaboration of intergrade level experiences.  Several times throughout the year, we provide fun, educational opportunities for the students to work together in cooperative teams of mixed grade levels.


Language Arts

All three grade levels use self-selected novels to explore the different genres of literature.  The reading program also uses novels to develop an understanding of literary elements and reading comprehensions skills through discussion and collaborative work on novel enrichment activities.


All students are actively engaged in the writing process where they plan, draft, revise, edit, and publish narratives, descriptive writing, and personal and research essays.  The development of grammar skills and the knowledge of the parts of speech are incorporated into our writing time.



Compacting and acceleration of curricular materials are used by all three grade levels.  Third grade math covers all of the third grade standards of learning and most of the fourth grade standards.  Fourth grade math covers the remaining fourth grade standards and most of the fifth grade standards of learning.  Fifth grade math covers the remaining fifth grade standards and all of the sixth grade standards of learning.  Therefore, the fifth grade students will take the Sixth Grade Standards of Learning test at the end of the year.


Science and Social Studies

The areas of study in science and social studies are the same as the regular third, fourth, and fifth grade students.  The approach to learning the materials is interdisciplinary with problem based learning units, simulations, and other hands-on activities that require students to be engaged in self-directed undertakings with the majority of projects completed in school.



International Languages

International Languages are taught to the 5th grade CBG class.  We work with a different language every nine weeks: Latin, French, German and Chinese.  Together we also explore the cultures, geography, history and people of the countries where these languages are spoken.

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