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Specialty Center

College and Career Academies combine the best of traditional academic instruction and vocational education in preparing students for both college and careers. Academies, much like other CCPS specialty centers, provide students with information about areas of interest woven into their traditional coursework, making school more relevant to them. They truly created a personalized experience for students, one that is paced to their learning needs (differentiated), tailored to their learning preferences (individualized) and focused on the specific interests of different learners. 

Each Career Academy has the following components: 

· A recommended sequence of courses 
· A capstone project or work site experience 
· An advisory board that creates partnerships with higher education and employers 

Students participating in a Career Academy will be part of a small cohort of students sharing similar interests and completing courses together in a clearly defined pathway for graduation. Each Academy meets all state graduation requirements and prepares students for both post-secondary education and the workplace. Students have an opportunity to participate in special activities and events designed to increase awareness of the opportunities within that specific career area. Every student has an advisor and Academy business mentors answer questions and help students as they prepare for the future.

Our College and Career Academies will provide the relevance needed to ensure our mission of “preparing each learner for future success and becoming positive contributors within the community.”