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Welcome to Spanish!  This year all grade levels will be in a Spanish language learning journey.  As foreign language learners, we have high expectations for all of our students.  The students will learn the following skills in Spanish.
Recognize all 29 uppercase and lowercase alphabet letters.
Recognize and learn vocabulary words.
Sing Spanish songs (songs vary from grade levels).
Know colors, shapes, numbers 1-20 and 10s by 10s
Understand Spanish rules on writing short and long sentences.
Learn about Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas
Learn about other Spanish countries culture: clothing, food, games, etc.
Learn about map skills. Identify all the Spanish speaking countries in a map.
Integrate science on the upper grade levels. (Example: The weather)
As you can see learning a foreign language is not an easy task, but here at Bellwood we will make learning fun and easy.