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5th Grade

Language Arts
Fifth graders are getting ready for the Virginia SOL Writing Test. We spend lots of language arts time learning how to craft and compose a multi-paragraph narrative.  Each child learns how to edit and revise his/her work to effectively communicate a descriptive piece of writing.  In reading, fifth graders refine their comprehension and analytical skills of fiction, nonfiction and historical fiction texts.  They reinforce the essential skills of summarizing, questioning the author, and making connections to clarify meaning and determine importance when reading individually leveled and grade level texts and novels.  By the end of fifth grade, our students are well prepared to read and write in middle school!

In fifth grade mathematics we start with the frequent practice of basic math facts review.  Problem-solving strategies, logical reasoning skills, and algebraic thinking skills continue to be developed and refined.  Work continues with numbers and operations on whole numbers, decimals, and fractions.  Students explore topics in measurement, geometry, data analysis, and probability.  In fifth grade accelerated mathematics, the basic skills that students have acquired are extended.  The ideas pertaining to operations on numbers, elementary number theory, geometry, measurement, statistics, probability, patterns and functions are expanded.  These topics, along with an introduction to algebraic symbolism prepare students for pre-algebra.

Social Studies
Our 5th graders get to "travel" the world!  We start our year learning about the great United States.  Students will be able to locate all 50 states on a map.  Leaving the U.S., we'll focus on the World Studies curriculum which serves as a bridge between the study of the ancients in second and third grades and the world history courses in high school.  The course introduces students to regions of the world that are increasingly important to our country. Students will study Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East and will apply concepts of geography, civics, and economics to their everyday life.  All in all, our 5th graders we'll feel like world travelers when the year is through!

In fifth grade science, we emphasize the importance of selecting appropriate instruments for measuring and recording observations. The organization, analysis, and application of data continue to be an important focus of classroom inquiry.  Science skills from preceding grades, including questioning and systematic experimentation, are reinforced at this level.  Students are introduced to more detailed concepts of sound and light and the tools used for studying them.  Key concepts of matter, including atoms, molecules, elements, and compounds, are studied, and the properties of matter are defined in greater detail.  The cellular makeup of organisms and the distinguishing characteristics of groups of organisms are stressed.  Students learn about the characteristics of the oceans and Earth’s changing surface.
What we do for FUN!
Use technology on a daily basis
Participate in Lunch Date with the Future
Speak on morning announcements
Monitor the halls and bus ramp as safety patrol
Help younger students at Field Day
Take a field trip to Virginia Beach