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4th Grade

The Basics
Fourth grade is one of the most exciting times for a student living in Virginia. The entire year is focused on the history of Virginia. We begin with the native Americans that were here first, then learn about the Europeans that came to our land to make a settlement in Jamestown.  We continue through without missing any details of our state growing, gaining its freedom, fighting in wars, splitting into two states, rebuilding after wars, and changing into the technological giant that Virginia is today.  Besides history, fourth graders will be expected to keep up with their daily assignments and learn how to be better organized.  There is a big leap from being a third grader to the expectations of being a fourth grader. All of the work in math (fractions, multiplication, division, geometry, decimals, and place value), science (plants, energy & electricity, space, weather, and life cycles) and language arts will be quite a bit more difficult and there will be more expected from each student.  We study hard, we read a lot, and we rock our SOLs in the spring!