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A Message from our Principal

A Welcome letter from the Principal:

Thank you for visiting the Bellwood Elementary School website. It is an honor to have the opportunity to serve as your Principal. It is a true privilege to be among a team of champions who are passionate about giving each and every child the best education possible. CCPS is a highly regarded school district that continues to be recognized for academic excellence and high-quality programs. This is a direct reflection of the uncompromising commitment of both our staff and students.

One of the greatest joys our staff experiences is to see your child succeed in life. You are entrusting our Bellwood staff with the tremendous task of educating and preparing your child for the twenty-first century and for life after high school. This is a responsibility that we all take very seriously!

We are very proud of what we achieve here at Bellwood - but our accomplishments are not due to complacency with status quo. We are always searching for new ideas and strategies to improve the educational experience of our students.

Please join our efforts as we strive to ensure that all students at Bellwood develop a passion for life-long learning. We invite you to come by and visit our school to see some of the wonderful things that are happening. We thank you for visiting our website and as we always say, “BE the difference!”


Mrs. Jennifer Rudd
Bellwood Elementary School