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Student Council

The purpose of the Student Council Association at Bellwood Elementary School is to provide students with an opportunity to show leadership and develop a sense of accomplishment through projects that benefit not only our school but the local community.

SCA officers and representatives are elected each fall by the 4th and 5th grade student body. There is a president elected from the 5th grade class and a vice president elected from the 4th grade class. The president and vice president are responsible for taking attendance, running, and organizing the monthly SCA meetings. Students also have the opportunity to become representatives. These positions are given to any 4th and 5th grade student who wishes to be involved without being an officer. This year, we had 18 students involved in this organization.

Here are some of the things that our school has been able to achieve this year through the leadership of our Student Council:

We delivered dinner and snacks to Station 17 of the Chesterfield Fire Department. While there we were given a tour of the station and learned about the services they provide for our community.

Our students made a pledge and slogan for bully prevention. We will be purchasing pencils containing the slogan for students to receive as they sign the pledge to prevent bullying.

We volunteered at the first annual Bellwood Bulldog 5k. While there we sold lemonade for Alex’s lemonade in which the benefits and proceeds go to children suffering from cancer.

We wrote letters and cards to Veterans at the VA hospital to provide cheer and words of appreciation for their services to our country.

We created, sold and delivered Cupid Grams to students. The proceeds from that sale supported our school. We used those funds to purchase items for our classrooms and school building.