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Our Community Involvement

Community Partnerships
Here's to the partners who take us places .... thanks for all the memories!!

Defense Logistics Agency of Richmond has supplied Bensley with many opportunities. Christmas songs at DLA, dedicating new buildings, and formal lunch at the end of the year are just some of the gifts the fifth grade enjoys. Listening to the Admiral read and watching the volunteers hard at work throughout the school is a reward for both the children and Bensley community. We look forward to the adventures to come.

The YMCA provides an outreach afterschool program for students that includes transportation. They also offer summer scholarships to Camp Dream and Camp Thunderbird for some students. The YMCA generously buys back-to-school clothes and shoes for a group of students through their Bright Beginnings program.

University of Richmond
Students from Spanish classes at the University of Richmond provide assistance during our Parent/Teacher Conference Day by translating to the Hispanic parents.

Oak Grove Baptist Church
Oak Grove Baptist Church and Cornerstone Baptist Church
The staff, teachers, and students would like to thank the outreach from our community churches. The churches have provided support, supplies, and other activities for our school.