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4th Grade

Fourth graders are developing a sense of personal and social responsibility, increasing their social skills, and improving their work and study habits.

Reading strategies to further enhance comprehension are practiced in fourth grade as students begin reading different genres. Students will apply a variety of reading comprehension strategies in all content areas. Writing instruction continues to follow the six-trait approach focusing on writing narratives, expositories, and explanations. In Math, students will cover number sense, rounding and estimating whole numbers/decimals, patterns, graphs, multiplying whole numbers, geometry, elapsed time, division, fractions and mixed numbers, probability, and measurement. Students are exposed to technology integrated and/or enhanced instruction and problem solving. The science program allows students to investigate plants, ecosystems, weather, electricity, and our solar system. Social studies provides students an exciting opportunity to learn all about our state from its early history to the present. Students will learn about contributions made by many important individuals from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. This history curriculum is very exciting and prepares our students for the History Standards of Learning test.