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Kindergarten is a fantastic year of both social and academic growth for many of our Beulah children. For many students it is their first experience in a formal school setting, while others have spent several years in a preschool setting. Either way our kindergarten children will have many exciting experiences and learn many new skills by the time they are ready for first grade. They will learn to be scientists and explore the world around them in new ways using 21st century skills. They will be map makers and historians with knowledge of what it means to be a good citizen and many of the people who have contributed to America’s history.

Children who complete Kindergarten at Beulah Elementary are expected to be independent learners and thinkers. They are motivated children developing a strong work ethic, able to set goals and work to achieve those goals. Our teachers facilitate and encourage self-directed and problem based learning. Kindergarteners are taught to problem solve when challenging situations occur both in and out of the classroom setting. They are able to follow directions, complete tasks independently and ask for help when needed.

When completing kindergarten at Beulah children are able to read independently utilizing the strategies modeled for them during the school year. They have worked together as a whole group to develop language skills, and in small group differentiated settings to provide extra reinforcement of important skills. They are also able to express original ideas and thought patterns both orally and in writing. Kindergarteners at Beulah have well developed comprehension skills and are learning to independently retell stories that they have read or have listened to orally.

Beulah’s students will complete kindergarten with well-developed number sense. They will have spent many hours working in math stations designed to meet the individual needs of each kindergarten student. In addition to number sense each kindergartener will have explored the concepts of money, time, patterns, and geometry.

The kindergarten year lays the foundation for future success in all aspects of life. At Beulah we work hard to develop our student’s sense of wonder and excitement about the world. It is the goal that our kindergarten children finish the school year with a strong work ethic, positive attitude towards learning and a fine honed skillset that will help prepare them for the many challenges to come in first grade!