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5th Grade

The fifth grade year is one of many challenges as students are prepared to meet not just their SOLs, but also the demands of middle school as it quickly approaches.  The team of fifth grade teachers has been consistent for a number of years and sets the bar high for student success.


This preparation requires that Beulah students understand the seriousness of the task at hand.  The 5th grade team, through activities and exercises, emphasize the following key points in order to meet the goals set forth by Chesterfield County and the Commonwealth.


  • Self Directed - Students are expected to exhibit self-directed behavior and understand that their academic success is in large part determined by their desire to succeed.  Faculty teach the standards as outlined by the Commonwealth of Virginia, yet also call upon students to take an active part in their education.  Students are encouraged to ask questions and seek out additional help when necessary.  For students that continue to need additional assistance, teachers often establish times to work with students one on one.


  • Organization - Students are required to complete their Assignment Pad daily as outlined by the teacher.  There should never be a time when students come home without their pad or without information in it.  From the first day of school, students are told to copy exactly what their teacher(s) have written on the classroom's dry erase copy so there is no opportunity for confusion or miscommunication when they arrive home at the end of the day.  If students follow this direction, parents will be able to see assignments expected to be completed at home that evening.


  • Homework Completion - Given the large amount of information students are required to master, students have assignments to complete at home for further practice and review.  Please check their Assignment Pads to determine whether homework is being completed.


  • Reading Expectations - The fifth grade has taken time and spent resources (often their own) to establish classroom libraries to complement the collection offered by Beulah Elementary's library.  Throughout each nine week grading period, students are expected to complete a certain number of novels within various genres.  From past experiences and SOL scores, we know that students who regularly pick up books become better spellers, writers, and of course, readers.  The opportunity to excel in this area, demands that students take time at home to read books of their own choosing.  Parents' support in this area is greatly appreciated.


  • Mathematics - Students are expected to know their multiplication facts and will be assessed on those beginning within the first nine weeks.  Knowing these facts well is crucial as fifth graders will be required to determine solutions to double-digit division and fractions (for example) - both requiring an excellent understanding of their math facts.  Also, students will either be placed in a general fifth grade math course or an accelerated course.  The accelerated course combines fifth and sixth grade coursework.  Students are chosen to participate in this course as determined by their fourth grade gpa, SOL scores, and understanding of mathematical concepts crucial to an advanced curriculum.


  • Students are expected to use their time well and appropriately.  Occasionally students are given time throughout the day to begin on homework assignments.  This gives teachers an oppportunity to meet with students in small groups or assist students having difficulty.  Students are required to understand the importance of efficiently using time given.


  • Class Behavior - After being in the school setting for five years, we know students understand appropriate school behavior.  This expectation includes not just when students are in the classroom, but also in the cafeteria, in the hallway, on buses, during assemblies, etc.  From the first day students are expected to show an understanding of the county's core values of respect, responsibility, accountability and honesty -- and exhibit these in their interaction with others.  Should a student have difficulty following the rules, a Refocus Sheet will be completed and sent home for your review.  Should inappropriate behavior continue, the teacher will contact the parent to discuss further consequences or instituting a behavior plan.


  • Parent Communication - Please don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher regarding concerns or questions.  Parents' involvement in their child's academic success is in large part to the expectation instilled, and reinforced, at home.  We welcome the opportunity to partner with parents to ensure a successful year at Beulah.