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1st Grade

About Us

A few things about first grade you should know….Homework goes home every Monday and is due on FRIDAY. Each week there is a list of word wall words and then a word sort list to study. On Fridays, we have a word wall word and a word sort assessment.

Your child will have their own desk. It is important for your child to stay organized and neat. Organization is essential. This helps your child keep up with their notebooks for different subjects as well as preparing them for a successful educational career. In first grade, we read all tests to the class except for the last nine weeks. This is the time they begin the transition into becoming a second grader.

Our students use Raz-Kids weekly. This is a program based on each child’s reading level. There are several books at their level they read and take mini quizzes on. Once they have mastered that level it automatically moves them to the next level. We are able to keep track of their progress. With so many skills to master we get started right away with fun hands-on activities and learning experiences!

Students are expected to write 4-5 complete sentences about one topic. These sentences should be free from grammatical errors, make sense, begin with a capital letter, include describing words and end with a punctuation mark.

Word Wall Words
Complete this each week with your child: Practice reading the words nightly and give a practice spelling test on Thursday night.

Word Study
Complete this each week with your child: Practice reading and spelling the words nightly and give a practice spelling test on Thursday night.

DRA Benchmarks are as follows, per the end of each nine weeks:
1st : level 4 2nd : level 8 3rd : level 12 4th : level 16
Your child needs to meet each benchmark throughout the year. In order for your child to meet these benchmarks, your child will be expected to read fluently, retell what he/she reads with little prompting - which includes a beginning, middle, and end. Make a personal connection from which the story reminds them of. The more details recalled the better...and they must be in sequential order.

Math includes so many important foundations that carry on each year that we have chosen to list some of the more challenging ones to focus on. Skip counting by 2, 5, and 10; identify the coins, know their values and count a collection of coins up to $1.00; tell time on an analog clock to the hour and half hour; and know basic addition/subtraction facts up to 20.

Science and Social Studies
Use the study guides that are given out with homework throughout the year to study for tests.