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Specialty Center

November 8, 2017

Governor's Academy for Engineering Studies

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Mr. Benway - Specialty Center Coordinator

Email robert_benway @ccpsnet.net

Lloyd C. Bird High School is to provide a program of studies that allows the student to explore a wide range of engineering fields while building an understanding of the core skills necessary to further his/her education in engineering. The academic curriculum that a student follows is both rigorous and centered around a lab experience to better prepare the student for a rapidly changing technologically based field.

The goal of the center-based program is to provide:

  • An opportunity to take advanced classes in math or science.
  • A constant utilization of integrated computer skills.
  • A basis of practical understanding through an emphasis on design projects.
  • A detailed overview of expectations in a variety of engineering fields.
  • The opportunity for advanced credit for class work.
  • Field experience for an understanding of the correlation between class work and the work environment.
  • Information to help the students make a more informed decision on their future educational and career plans.
As a result of the center-based program, our students will graduate with: 
  • A technologically enriched background
  • An understanding of the various fields of engineering..
  • An appreciation for the correlation between classroom, lab, and field studies.
  • Greatly enhanced written and oral communication skills.
  • A solid basis of problem solving and teamwork skills.
  • A unique background that enables them to make a more informed choice about their future goals and provides them with an advantage over other students who would be entering the engineering educational track at the college level, and taking engineering courses for the first time.