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Career and Technical Education

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Classroom instruction — the essential component for students to master the academic and technical competencies, attitudes, and work ethic essential for career success and lifelong learning

Student organizations — experiences that reinforce and strengthen classroom learning and prepare students for individual responsibility, teamwork, and leadership in their chosen occupations:


Supporting Computer Science/Code.org 

We teach classes such as, Architectural Drawing, Fashion Marketing, IT Fundamentals, Family and Consumer Science, Sports Marketing and the new Economic/Finance course.


Each February, ACTE (Association for Career and Technical Education) celebrates CTE month. The theme identified this year was Celebrate Today, Own Tomorrow! This year is special since Career and Technical Education (CTE) celebrates 100 YEARS strong! (The Smith-Hughes National Vocational Education Act of 1917 was the beginning of what we now call CTE!) The theme this year truly demonstrates the crucial role that Career and Technical Education plays in readying our students for successful careers.

Another special thank you to the students and staff at L.C. Bird High School for sharing their CTE Month highlights with the School Board. Mrs. Shannon Tual, Business and Marketing teacher, Department Chair, and rock-star of a teacher-leader from LC Bird High School shared her long list of fantastic celebrations to ROCK the 100 year anniversary of CTE. Along with Mrs. Tual tonight are her and outstanding students and DECA members: Rachel Brooks, Emily Woodall, Cabell Harwood, and Colby Mills.  Thank you Dr. Hebert for your continued support of CTE.

Marketing Project

Career and Technical Education Teachers
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Billie Brown Business
Tisa Fagan Family Consumer Science  
Pat Fore
Business/Econ Personal Finance
Otis Gallion                     
Technology Education
Donna Lythgoe        Family Consumer Science 
Susannah Oats Marketing  
Jerry Russell  Technology Education                                     
Charles Saunders  Technology Education  
Shannon Tual* Marketing (Capstone)
Steven Wagner  Technology Education  
*Department Chair