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Teacher of the Year

Ms. Waller is L . C.  Bird High’s Teacher of the Year2018

Chevette Waller

Chevette has over ten years of teaching experience in Special Education. As well as being an award winning Basketball coach, Chevette is an outstanding collaborative teacher in the math department, she also teaches self contained Algebra 1 classes. On top of that, Chevette is the LCB 'Algebra Whisperer'. She is called that because of her uncanny ability to help students to pass the Algebra 1 SOL exam - especially Seniors who need the verified credit to graduate.
Chevette is not a high-flier; she does not teach in the Pre-Engineering Specialty Center, she does not teach honors students, she does not teach AP classes....what she does is much more difficult. As our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Hathaway, says: Chevette is incredible for the way she helps students succeed who don't have much chance to succeed for a variety of reasons.