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Teacher of the Year 2018

Mrs. Lucas

Beth Lucas Beth is Chesterfield’s High School Teacher of the Year and Bird High’s Teacher of the Year.

"Beth Lucas is Chesterfield County Public Schools’ 2018 High School Teacher of the Year. She teaches English at Bird High. Lucas’ career has spanned more than nine years in Chesterfield County Public Schools, first teaching at Monacan High before taking a position at Bird High in 2013. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Virginia." (CCPS)

Beth is a candidate for National Board Certification. Beth participates in every professional presentation she can. She is an expert in PBL, Kohlberg stages of moral development, and Higher Level Questioning and has presented on both this year to her colleagues.   She even traveled to Atlanta in order attend a professional development conference earlier this year.  She is a new teacher mentor and a PLC leader for her 10th and 12th grade teams. 

Beth has worked closely to develop a sense of ownership within our students' learning.  She helps guide her students to change the world and challenges them to see the commonalities we all have as humans.  She has connected her very lively 1st period, Mass Communications, with Jackie Reynold's class and the Medford team efforts.  She has motivated her 12P students to scribe letters that were mailed to the author of their class novel.

She attends games, student driven events, and after school activities with a smile on. She has been a mother to many and a friend to all.  Beth is amazing.  Yes, she is a wonderful educator, but she is an even better human being. She is always clear and positive on her approach with working with students and faculty.  Beth teaches, motivates, and inspires her students and colleagues with love, compassion, and kindness. Congratulations to Beth for being selected the 2018 Teacher of the Year.

L C Bird Teacher of the Year
CCPS High School Teacher of the Year