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Teacher of the Year

Mrs Hooper is L . C.  Bird High’s Teacher of the Year 2020

Pam Hooper

Pam Hooper, a former "New Teacher of the Year” recipient, deserves to be teacher of the year for 2021. Pam has her hand in so many different things for so many different departments and does them all well. She is an outstanding SPED teacher who is always advocating for her caseload students, her collaborative students in English, and her colleagues's students.

Pam contributes to the English department's PLCs with great ideas and is always aware of scaffolding lessons for "her" kids. Her caseload students know that she cares about them. She gives each of them a permanent pass to visit with her once a week during Bird Block, so she can see where they are and how they are doing.

As outstanding of a classroom teacher as Pam is, she is also an amazing colleague who is involved in many events at Bird. She is a co-sponsor of the Junior Class (which does the Ring Ceremony, Bird Angel Tree, and, of course, Prom. She is always there with her enthusiasm and all sorts of ideas to make each event better and more organized. She had the wrapping event for the Bird Angel Tree running like a machine.

Last year, she recognized the need for a SPED assistant because of the huge workload, approached Adrienne about it, and has done an amazing job helping with the whole department workload and organization. Pam is always willing to help any colleague with anything.

In conclusion, Pam is a devoted teacher and employee of Bird High School. She deserves to be the Teacher of the Year!