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Indoor Track

Coaching Staff

Adam Canning


Team Overview

Being part of a team is one of the best ways to make the most out of high school. You will have multiple opportunities to challenge yourself, advance your skills and fitness levels, and make long lasting friendships. You must understand that a good attitude is the most important thing you can bring to a team. If you can’t bring a good attitude, please consider doing something else. Some days will be cold, maybe rainy, and sometimes you may not “feel” like practicing. Those will be the days you need it the most. We cannot achieve any sort of significance as a team by relying on 1 or 2 individuals. However, if we work AS a team and ENCOURAGE each other daily, we can go wherever we want to go. With that being said, either bring a 

good attitude, or stay home.


The first few practices will be overall training for everyone. Practice times will be from 2:15pm-4:30 Monday thru Thursday – Fridays and at least one day each weekend should be spent on your own doing cross training, strength training, or other conditioning on your own, however, Friday practices may be announced and will be more routine once we get into the season! If you expect to do well in the classroom, you need to study on your own time. If you expect to excel in track, you need to work hard outside of practice. We will be practicing outside each day (if possible), so dress appropriately. We will place a warm up uniform order in the very near future for those that do not have them or that need new ones. Any practice that gets cancelled or postponed due to weather will be announced by the coaches by 1:15pm via email and over the announcements. If you need to miss a practice for any reason, you MUST tell Coach Canning ahead of time. Email me at adam_canning @ccpsnet.net  or stop by room 124.  You must otherwise be at practice and give your best. It is unfair to everyone on the team for you to give anything less than your best.


Tryouts for indoor track will take place during the first few weeks in November.

Tryout Requirements

Students will be expect to have a VHSL sports physical dated after May 1st 2015 in order to tryout. Students will also be expect to pay the one time fee of $50 for their sports physical. The students will also be able to purchase warm up gear the price and description will come later.

Track and Field runners who do not participate in a fall sport will be expected to train with weight trainer and cross country runners periodically through out the fall season.