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Lloyd C. Bird High School is a member of the Virginia High School League; consequently, all organized activities (sports, debate, drama, forensics, etc.) must abide by the Virginia High School League rules. For a student to be eligible to practice or perform in a competition or presentation, he/she must • have passed five subjects the previous semester;

• have a 2.0 GPA if in the 9th or 10th grade (3rd year of 4-year implementation);
• be enrolled currently in subjects carrying five academic credits;
• be in attendance for at least two class periods on that day;
• have signed the county’s sportsmanship contract.

All rules as listed in the student handbook will apply. In addition, the following rules will be strictly adhered to:

• Any player suspended out of school cannot practice or play with his/her team while under suspension, and each suspension will result in a minimum one-game suspension.
• Any student receiving in-school detention may be subjected to suspension from extra– and co-curricular activities for the day in question.
• Any student whose actions are deemed detrimental to the school or to fellow students may be removed from the team by the Athletic Director or the Principal.
• Any player suspended from a game for unsportsmanlike conduct is subject to removal from the team for the remainder of that team’s season.
• Any player who quits a team or is suspended from a team before the end of the season will not receive any awards for that sport.
• Any player who quits a team without the coach’s permission may not try out for another sport until the regular season for the first sport is over.
• Any athlete seen using tobacco, alcohol, or drugs on school grounds or while wearing a Lloyd C. Bird athletic uniform on or off school grounds will be suspended from the team for the remainder of the season.

Any student found to be in violation of the drug alcohol policy will be removed from the team and may become ineligible to participate in any athletic event for the remainder of the school year. All coaches will develop and enforce rules for their individual sports. Athletes may not enter the building or gymnasium wearing cleats or hats. Athletes must refrain from disrupting or distracting other team practices. Students in the building at times other than during regular school hours must be under the supervision of a staff member.
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