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Technology Education

Students working in a computer lab.

Katrina Dunlap
What is IT?
It is the use of technology tools to input, process, store, and communicate information. How people use technology to deal with information is an essential part of personal and professional success.
Why study IT?
Today's world is increasingly information rich. Students must understand and be able to apply specific skills to find, analyze, evaluate, and manage information. The complexity of technology requires that students are able to solve problems, make decisions, and share information in creative and effective ways.
Classes are offered in 6th, 7th and 8th grade.
Career Investigations - 6th Grade (9 Weeks as part of the Exploratory Wheel)

This course allows students to explore career options and begin investigating career opportunities.  Students assess their roles in society, identify their roles as workers, analyze their personal assets, complete a basic exploration of career clusters, select career pathways, and create an Academic and Career Plan based on their academic and career interests.
Computer Solutions - 7th Grade (Semester)

Students gain a basic knowledge of word processing and graphic applications.  Students will be exposed to fundamental coding, different software packages and the operation of equipment. Students will experience an interactive collection of courses following ITCenter21 Curriculum.
Make it Your Business! - 8th Grade (Semester)

This class is designed to give students an overview of a variety of business-based curriculums, including entrepreneurship, marketing, management, accounting, and economics.  Students will assist in the running of the ROAR Store.  This class takes a field trip as a culminating activity.
Video Game Design - 8th Grade (Semester)

This class is designed for students who already have a general knowledge of computers and are interested in exploring the field of video game design. This class is for serious students and will include the history of gaming and entrepreneurship. Students who desire a career in software design will benefit from this class.  Teacher will provide a lifelong software license so students can continue to use the software even after completing the class.