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2nd Grade

Ms. Alden, Mrs. Colantuoni, Mrs. Pettit, Ms. Cox

2nd Grade Mission Statement: In 2nd Grade we will work hard, respect others and ourselves and celebrate differences. We will THINK, learn, and have fun! We WILL Walk the Talk!
We ARE Leaders!

*Below is an outline of our curriculum topics…

Language Arts
Transitional Readers:
Build fluency, develop comprehension & decoding skills
Demonstrate reading strategies (making connections, predicting, visualizing, questioning, drawing inferences, determining importance, and synthesizing)
Use reference materials
Graphic Organizers

Narrative (stories – beginning/middle/end), expository, descriptive, & letters
6 Traits
Mind Maps

Basic Addition & Subtraction
Ordinal #s
Addition & Subtraction with/without regrouping/trading or borrowing
Place Value, comparing #s, missing addends
Problem solving
Rounding to the nearest 10
Money & time
Measurement (length, weight, liquid volume, temperature)
Fractions & probability

Social Studies
Citizenship & Diversity
Map Skills
American Indians
Contributions – Ancient China & Egypt
Economics – Resources, exchange, scarcity

Solids, Liquids, & Gases / Phase Changes / Mass & Volume
Animal & Plant Life Cycles / Interdependency of living things
Weather & Seasonal changes
Plants as natural resources

Habits of Mind
Develop organization & responsibility
Work independently & cooperatively with partners & small groups
Self-directed learners
Critical thinking skills

curriculum overview