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Clinic/School Nurse

Kerry Foster  (804) 739-6295 then press #1

School Nurse - Kathy Hutton



Reporting Absences
Please call the clinic to report a child's tardiness or absence from school.  There is an answering machine to receive your message at any time.  The clinic phone number is 739-6295 then press #1.



Administering Medications 

  • No medication is to be transported to school or taken home from school by a child. 
  • A parent must bring it in and pick it up.
  • No medications, prescription as well as over-the counter, will be given to a student until a parent has completed the Medication Administration Request form.
  • For prescription medications to be administered, a written order from the student’s physician giving the name, dosage, and time interval of medication is required. The prescription label on the bottle may be accepted as physician’s order. The medication must be in the original container, properly labeled by a registered pharmacist.
  • Over-the-counter medications may be administered at school for up to three days in a row or three times in one month without a note from a physician. If an over-the-counter medication must be given more often, written instructions from a doctor must be brought in with the medicine. All over-the-counter medications must be brought to school in their original containers.
  • Students are responsible for remembering to come to the clinic to get their medications.
  • Any uncertainties a parent may have in reference to administration of medications should be referred to the clinic immediately.



Bloodbourne Pathogens

Due to the new regulation from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration 1910.1030 (dealing with bloodborne pathogens), if a child has gotten sick or bled on his clothing, a parent must either pick up the child or provide a fresh set of clothing for him/her.



The Chesterfield County Health Department provides public health nurses to all schools. These registered nurses serve as professional health consultants for students, parents and school staff members. Services include health education, health counseling, communicable disease investigation and control, case management, immunization assessment, education and administration, screening and prevention programs. Nurses are not available in schools on a daily basis.