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Mrs. Jennifer Kirkbride

The music curriculum at Alberta Smith Elementary is based on the Virginia Standards of Learning for music K-5.  Beginning with things as simple as steady beat in kindergarten, students will build skill and knowledge in the music classroom to meet the following goals. Students will develop understanding of music through singing, playing instruments, listening, and moving. 


They will learn to read and notate music, moving toward being able to compose their own music.  They will make connections between music, history, and cultures from all over the world as well as connections between music and other fields of knowledge.  Students will demonstrate knowledge of musical terms and be able to apply those concepts to make artistic choices.  They will also learn about famous composers, musicians, and genres from all periods of history.


Every student will participate in the learning and performance of a musical program.  Through learning the music, choreography, memorizing words, and demonstrating good performance etiquette, students will learn teamwork in a way that gives each star a chance to shine!