What is anytime, anywhere learning?

To achieve the goals of the Design for Excellence 2020 strategic plan, Chesterfield County Public Schools devised plans to provide students with daily access to technology. This has increased anywhere, anytime learning and strengthened our focus on college and career readiness. Classrooms will continue to look different in coming years. We’ve been told by leaders in higher education and leaders in business that this is a must. 

The anywhere, anytime learning initiative began in the fall of 2014 when middle school students in Chesterfield County Public Schools received Chromebooks. In the fall of 2015, Chromebooks were provided to high school students. At the same time, Chromebook carts were deployed in the elementary schools in accordance with CCPS' technology plan. Once the state announced approval for Chromebooks to be used in SOL testing, we redistributed laptop carts and many of the new lab computers from middle and high schools to elementary schools. 

Student computers are a powerful tool that will directly contribute to achieving the results outlined in the Design for Excellence 2020. The school system plans to increase access to student computers within the scope of the approved budget and capital improvement plan. This website details how this initiative will help students succeed academically as they prepare for college and careers.

CCPS Anytime Anywhere Learning: Chromebook Update 5/13/2014