Privacy and Security FAQs
These FAQs were adapted with permission from Fairfax County Public Schools:

Why is my child’s Google Apps account her student ID number for Chesterfield County Public Schools? It is my understanding that student ID numbers are private information.
Chesterfield County Public Schools employs a “walled garden” approach to implement G Suite for Education. Using student ID numbers as user IDs is consistent with existing privacy regulations. While Chesterfield County Public Schools does use student ID numbers in different internal applications, the numbers are protected by a PIN (personal identification number) as in the case of lunch money or the students have no direct access to the system as in the case of the library system. When the school system's Technology Department reviewed G Suite for Education, the issue of students being able to see the ID number of other students was found to be within acceptable security guidelines because G Suite accounts are secured by a personal password. Teachers and staff members have been notified about acceptable and unacceptable uses of student ID numbers. If you have additional questions, please call the Technology Department at 804-279-1900.

What about Google Apps for Education privacy?
Chesterfield County Public Schools is responsible for protecting and safeguarding the confidentiality of student information. Chesterfield County Public Schools has contracted with Google to provide access to G Suite for Education in a closed and secure environment for students and staff members. G Suite is governed by a detailed privacy policy and security measures. Chesterfield County Public Schools has reviewed the privacy policy and security measures and believes they appropriately protect the privacy of users. Under the school system's terms of service agreement with Google, the company is obligated to comply with FERPA regulations. Additional information about G Suite for Education security and privacy may be found here.

What assurances has Google given Chesterfield County Public Schools that it will not collect data on my student?
Chesterfield County Public Schools has a signed agreement with Google based on the terms of this agreement. Please see Section 7. CCPS G Suite for Education is compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, also known as FERPA, and the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

Who has access to my child’s account?
The G Suite agreement with Chesterfield County Public Schools contractually ensures that our students, faculty and staff members are the sole owners of their data. Google will only access content stored on Apps when a Chesterfield County Public Schools administrator grants Google explicit permission to do so. One example would be to investigate inappropriate use. 

Does my child retain copyright of his creations?
The same copyright rules apply to content in G Suite for Education that apply to any other creation, provided the student is the sole owner. Staff copyright considerations are discussed in School Board Policy 7210.

What protection will Chesterfield County Public Schools provide so that my child is not accessing inappropriate content on the web?
There are no advertisements used with G Suite for Education. G Suite for Education is an online collaboration tool that is accessed using a web browser and requires a login and password. Chesterfield County Public Schools also uses a CIPA-compliant web filter that blocks inappropriate categories (as defined in Virginia Code § 22.1-70.2, § 42.1-36.1). This filter is active on Chromebooks in school and outside school.