Benefits of Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Why increase access to technology?
The Design for Excellence 2020 strategic plan details how Chesterfield County Public Schools will create a digital teaching and learning environment and prepare students for college and careers. Computers and Internet access are vital in education because they are vital in almost all 21st-century careers. 

When teachers leverage rich, interactive digital content in their instruction, students are provided with greater opportunity to personalize and tailor learning to their personal and immediate needs. In addition to engaging students in self-directed and relevant learning, this approach allows the teacher to help more students individually when needed rather than teaching large groups at the same pace through the same content. This method of instruction, which combines technology with face-to-face teaching, is called blended learning. You can learn more about blended learning and how it leads to deeper understanding of concepts by watching this short video. This research paper offers details about providing students with mobile computing devices: CCPS review of scholarly literature.

What is the difference between traditional face-to-face instruction and teaching students with mobile devices?
When all students have mobile computing devices, teachers are more apt to provide small group and individualized instruction rather than lecturing to an entire class. When every student has a device, students have additional opportunities to develop higher order and critical thinking skills. Mobile devices allow students more choice in directing their learning, help them create products that demonstrate their knowledge and provide easy access to up-to-date information; all of this leads to increased student engagement and academic achievement. With anytime and anywhere learning, education extends beyond the classroom and the traditional school day. Students are able to create, track and manage their own learning through the use of ePortfolios. With increased access to collaborative tools like Google Drive, students will find it easier to manage their materials. Instead of using printed workbooks that are quickly outdated, students can access current information. Computer-fluent students rapidly shift from being consumers of information to becoming producers of creative and innovative work. As a result, students are more likely to take greater pride in their knowledge and schoolwork and are more likely to see the value of education, thereby reducing the dropout rate and raising the community's level of education.

Will computers replace teachers?
No. In Chesterfield County Public Schools, teachers are the most important factor in education. While computers provide a number of benefits and opportunities for students that would not be possible without digital devices, the expert and caring guidance of teachers in our strong digital curriculum is what ultimately helps students achieve and succeed. However, there are few careers that do not require computers. School is the perfect time to learn how to safely and securely surf the Internet, decipher fact from fiction in a sea of digital content, act responsibly on social networking sites and efficiently manage digital overload.