Help and Resources

Teachers in Chesterfield County Public Schools use a combination of cornerstone tools, web-based subscription services and open educational resources to engage students in 21st-century learning. Through blended learning and device access, these tools and resources are available to students anytime and anywhere. The links below are good starting points to get help with your device, use our cornerstone tools and access media-rich interactive resources to extend learning opportunities beyond the classroom and the school day. Google Apps for Education suite of tools provides the collaboration and productivity functionality students and teachers need for 21st-century teaching and learning. These are the tools that students and teachers will use for word processing, spreadsheets, presentation building and creation. All CCPS students and staff are provided with a Google Apps for Education account.  Parents are encouraged to explore and work with their child online and with Google Apps for Education. Edmodo is the blended learning platform of Chesterfield County Public Schools, enabling students and teachers to communicate around course content. Teachers assign, receive and provide feedback on work through Edmodo. Teachers and students share resources, conduct polls, take quizzes or engage in the content through interactive apps built into Edmodo. Click the button to access Edmodo information by topic. Chesterfield County Public Schools teachers use open educational resources as a primary source of digital curriculum. Open educational resources are freely accessible and openly licensed. They are not limited to the classroom but are available to students and parents to enrich learning or provide extra help. Open educational resources promote self-directed personalized learning, but vary greatly in depth, breadth and quality. The button will connect you to a page of great educational resources.