Seal's Fifth Grade Science and US1

Welcome to Fifth Grade Science and US1.  I am Mrs.Seal and as the title says, I teach fifth grade Science and US1 to 1865.  Both of these subjects are tested in fifth grade.  In fifth grade Science we review the fourth grade Standards of Learning, plus we learn about topics such as matter, kingdoms, cells, rocks, oceans, light and sound.  I  use labs, stations, interactive games and interactive notes to teach and review these SOLs. Please look over our Standards of Learning for Science by clicking on
 US1 to 1865 covers United States History thru the Civil War.  I use interactive notes, Weekly Studies magazines, interactive games and other websites to help in the study of our United States.  History is not just about famous people, but it is ourselves and our families that make history.  Please look over our Standards of Learning for  US1.  Just click on
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