Dual Credit Enrollment

Students at Carroll County High School have the opportunity to take selected courses as dual enrollment. When taking a dual enrollment course, students may earn units of college credit as well as high school credit. With carefully planning, a student may be able to earn enough dual credits to enable them to enter college as a sophomore. It is important for the student and his/her parents to be aware of the following aspects related to these nontraditional courses.

Dual credit courses are offered through Wytheville Community College. Students that take Dual Credit Courses (DC) are required to enroll at WCC by completing an application. Some WCC courses require students to take an entrance or placement test to assess that the student has the skills necessary to be successful. Such tests are currently required for the English and Calculus sequences. The application process and placement testing are coordinated at CCHS.

Dual credit courses are college level and are taught accordingly. Students are expected to perform on a college level both academically and behaviorally. Students must have a good attendance record and be in good academic standing to register for a DC course. Students taking these courses are expected to accept responsibility for work assignments and grades. WCC instructors treat DC students as college students and expect them to be independently motivated. Students are to discuss work progress and grade concerns directly with the instructor. Parents having concerns with situations involving WCC instructors should contact the grade level counselor at CCHS.

Some dual credit courses require tuition. There is no charge to the student taking a DC course when a member of the CCHS faculty provides instruction. Tuition is charged for courses offered at CCHS that are instructed by a member of the WCC staff. For these classes, students are responsible for the cost of tuition and textbooks. It is important to realize that these charges are a fraction of the cost of taking the same course at a four year college or university. College textbooks are expensive. Whenever possible, students are provided with the option to purchase used books.

Once a student enrolls in a DC course, he/she will begin a college transcript. The grade earned in the course will be posted on this transcript and will be sent to any other college where the student applies. Grade success is important. As a rule, another college will not accept credits for courses unless the student earns a C or better. All dual credit courses are weighted when calculated into the student's grade point average.