Dr. Donna Meyer - Your School Counselor!                                                                                               
Hi, I am Donna Meyer and I am your school counselor at St. Paul School! This is my third year working for Carroll County Public Schools and it is so nice to be here! I have worked at all levels in education from pre-school through college and am very happy to have the opportunity to work with students at this age level. I started my career in Tampa, Florida as a sixth grade teacher and then an elementary school counselor. That district was the first in the nation to hire elementary counselors district wide. I also served as an alternative high school guidance counselor in Vineland, NJ and as a high school counselor/site testing coordinator in Patrick County, Virginia. I received my bachelors degree in elementary education from the University of South Florida, my master's degree from The University of Georgia in Student Personnel, and my doctoral degree from The George Washington University. My dissertation was based on my experiences as a guidance counselor. This research has contributed to understanding the precursors of the intention to learn. Currently, it is used to assess and diagnose why people do not learn autonomously. 

On a personal note, my family had an exciting summer. My daughter, Aubree, married Dax Olding. She was a beautiful bride and her new husband, Dax was equally as handsome. We are so happy to welcome him to our family. My son, Allen, is any army officer stationed in Hawaii. He was able to travel back to Virginia for the wedding. I will post pics soon. 

Life on the farm hasn't changed much.  I have 4 dog (Orion, Molly, Dallas, and Louis), 2 cats (Belle and Grey), lots of chickens (the number changes from time to time) , 7 cows and 5 goats. I will post pictures of each in the near future. Please check back.    

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