Copyright Overview

Carroll County Staff
Carroll County employees and educators must be aware of the proper procedures and laws involved in the use of copyrighted materials.  Failure to comply with copyright law carries penalties for both the school system and the individuals involved.  The information contained in this site is provided so educators will be responsible and lawful users of printed and digital media both inside and outside of the classroom.  

The guidelines and laws presented are applicable to any work produced by students as part of their curriculum.  Students are accountable for upholding copyright law as well and teachers should share the duty of helping them become responsible media users.

Parents are increasingly involved in school activities both during and after the school day.  Parental involvement is welcome and needed as part of the educational community but copyright law must also be followed in any school related function. Movie nights, PTSO presentations, etc. should comply with legal guidelines. 

Relevant Carroll County Public School policies pertaining to copyright

Illegally obtained or reproduced materials are not allowed to be shown or stored in CCPSD classrooms, media centers, or server/network storage