Year 6 PGL

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We have arrived safely at Little Canada. We have had an enjoyable afternoon getting to know the site. Tonight we have been to a Camp Fire and are now all really tired! 

Cultural Project

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To start our school year we have participated in a Cultural Project supported by Croydon Music and Arts. Each class had an art session with a different cultural theme; a yoga class to teach mindfulness; and an African Drumming and Indian Dancing session. We are looking forward to displaying this creative project in the Youth Arts Takeover Project on the 28th October 2017 in Croydon. 

Year 6 - Impact Citizenship Day

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On Wednesday 27th September, Year 6 had an Impact Citizenship day. This involved the Police, Fire Brigade, Mighty Men of Valour, Dogs Trust and the Transport Police coming in to talk to the class.  The children learnt about safety using social media; the consequences of hoax calling to emergency services; consideration of how their behaviour and attitude could affect their education, future career and life; how to safely approach an unknown dog and what to do if a dog jumps on you in the park, along with how to travel safely on the buses. 

Year 4 Rugby Competition

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Last week 8 pupils from year 4 took part in a tag rugby tournament at Whitgift Rugby Club. For many of those that took part this was the first time they had ever played tag rugby yet they picked it up incredibly quickly, so quickly in fact that our small school (who were playing against children a year older than them) made it to the semi finals, although they lost to the eventual winners. Whilst I was extremely proud of their tag rugby skills, I was more impressed with their attitude and excellent sportsmanship, they represented the school incredibly well and made it a very enjoyable afternoon for the staff and parents alike.

Well done Team Coulsdon!! 

Mr Makroum

Beginning of Year Service

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On Thursday 21st September the school held a service at St John's Church to ask God's blessing on the school year. Mrs Mitchell introduced our theme of 'Hope' to the parents and our new Reception class. 

Swimming Gala

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Christmas Fair - Friday 16th December

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Christmas Lunch

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Toldene - Christmas visit

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Mothers' Union visit Coulsdon CofE

posted Dec 6, 2016, 1:01 PM by Fiona Lee

On Tuesday 6th December the Mothers' Union visited Coulsdon CofE for an afternoon of entertainment. They watched the Infant Nativity before hearing our choir and handchimes group perform a selection of Christmas songs. 

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