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John Alger - Chair of Governors

I have been a Governor at Coulsdon CofE since July 2013. I have lived in Old Coulsdon/Caterham most of my life, and our three children went to Coulsdon CofE School. I am a retired Electrical Engineer and also worked for a while with the NHS.

Colin Darch

I've lived in the Coulsdon area for the past 28 years and for a few years prior to that, and have been a Governor since 2001. I have 4 children; 2 of which went to Coulsdon CofE Primary school.
I studied engineering but have spent most of my working life in a variety of senior IT roles, including working for 2 FTSE 100 companies. I have fairly extensive IT and Finance knowledge especially in Management reporting, Budgeting, and Audit.

Adrian Deller

I have one child at Coulsdon C of E Primary in year 1.  I have been on the Governing Body since May 2014.

I am a chartered accountant and sit on both the finance and premises committee.  I am also treasurer of the Governors’ Maintenance Fund.  

I have lived in Old Coulsdon with my wife since 2011.   We also have a baby boy.

Becky Hart

I have lived in Coulsdon with my husband and 5 year old daughter for nearly 3 years and have very much enjoyed village life since moving here and we have all felt very welcome in the community. My daughter is currently in Year 1 at the school.


I currently work for an accountancy firm where I am a Reward Advisor, providing pay and benefits analysis and advice for the Human Resources team and the business. I have experience in data analysis, project management and event planning, along with pay, employee benefits and general human resources expertise.


I am delighted to be a Parent Governor for the Coulsdon Church of England Primary School, to be able to be more involved in the school community and to help shape its future. I am very passionate and enthusiastic about the education that the children at the school receive and about maintaining and building on the excellent standards already achieved at the school.

Pauline Ben-Ari

I have been a Governor at Coulsdon C of E Primary School since May 2014. I have five grandsons living in Coulsdon and of those five two are currently at Coulsdon C of E Primary school. I come from a background of management accounting, working mainly in the public sector at senior leadership level. I am Christian, an avid traveller, keen gardener, a grandmother known as Nandos and proud mother of three grown up children"

Maxine Slate

I have two children and my son attends Year 1 at Coulsdon CofE Primary. I am a chartered accountant and Fellow of the ICAEW. I work part time in my role as an Accounting and Reporting technical specialist and was previously an Auditor specialising in infrastructure and construction.

I have lived in the local area for most of my life and believe my experience and love of our local community contribute to my role as Governor on the Finance and Premises committees

Chris Greaves

I am an accountant by profession and currently work for a large pension fund.  I have lived in Old Coulsdon for 14 years and have been a Foundation Governor at Coulsdon CoE for nearly 4 years. 

I am married with two sons.  My elder son has completed his seven years at Coulsdon CoE while my younger son is currently in Year 6.  Both my children have thoroughly enjoyed their time at Coulsdon CoE and thanks to the dedication and hard work of all the staff have received a fantastic education.  Through my role as a Governor I hope to help the school maintain these very high standards.  I also manage a junior football team in winter and a cricket team in summer.

Darren Hockaday - Vice Chair of Governors

Darren Hockaday is Vice Chair of the Governing Body. As an HR Director and business leader, Darren brings board and executive level experiencegained in transport, infrastructure, aerospace, engineering and manufacturing. He has developed strong operational contribution and results leading HR functions over 18 years, delivering people strategy aligned to business performance and transformation - combining industrial relations expertise, talent and leadership
development. Darren joined the Governing body as a foundation governor in 2014.

Rector Paul Roberts

I have been Rector of St John’s Church, Old Coulsdon, since 2003. I have a degree in music and trained as a teacher, and taught for five years before being ordained in the Church of England. I visit the Church of England School and Keston School regularly to lead Collective Worship, and I enjoy speaking with children and welcoming them to the church on visits. I am married, with two adult children, one of whom is also a teacher.

On the Governing Body I chair the Faith Group, whose main function is to monitor the Christian character of the school, and to help prepare for Diocesan inspections.

Alex O'Shaughnessy

I am a chartered member of the CIPD and have worked in Human Resources for over 12 years in various different sectors including Financial Services and Engineering.  I have a degree in psychology and have lived in Coulsdon for the past 6 years with my husband Patrick and two young children.  I became a SDBE Foundation Governor in July 2018 and hope to help the school preserve its excellent reputation and high standards.

Janice Hollobone

I have worked at Coulsdon C of E for over 15 years as a Teaching Assistant and this is my 4th year on the Governing Body as a staff governor.  I sit on the Curriculum Committee and Chair the Community Committee.

I was brought up in Old Coulsdon and after a short period away I returned to live in Old Cousdon after marrying - that was 25 years ago!  Both my daughters attended Coulsdon C of E and received a fantastic start to their education there.  Being a part of the community spirit that lives within Coulsdon C of E and the local area is something that is greatly valued by me and working to help promote this very rewarding.

George Whicheloe

I have been a member of the governing body since April 2016 and I hope to bring my experience and enthusiasm for mathematics, computing and finance to the school.  I am a member of the finance and personnel committees. 

I have a degree in Maths and Computation from the University of Oxford and work as a Quantitative Researcher, in finance, in the city. 

I moved to Old Coulsdon in August 2015. I am married to Zoe and we have two young daughters. 

Email Contact for Governors: governors@coulsdon-pri.croydon.sch.uk

Coulsdon C of E Primary School

Committee membership 2018/19

Admissions committee

Pauline Ben-Ari (Chair)
John Alger
Darius Campbell
Chris Greaves
Annie Mitchell

Curriculum & Standards committee



John Alger (Chair)
Pauline Ben-Ari
Darius Campbell
Anne Gledhill
Janice Hollobone
Annie Mitchell

Faith Group

 In attendance:

Zoe Tite, Elaine Caines (parents)

Paul Roberts (Chair)
Pauline Ben-Ari
Fiona Lee (maternity leave)
Annie Mitchell

Finance & Premises committee


In attendance: Business Manager


Chris Greaves (Chair)
Melvyn Allen
Colin Darch
Adrian Deller (Treasurer)
Annie Mitchell
Maxine Slate
George Whicheloe

Personnel committee



George Whicheloe (Chair)
Becky Hart
Darren Hockaday
Annie Mitchell
Alex O’Shaughnessy

Pupils, Parents and Community committee


Janice Hollobone (Chair)
Becky Hart
Fiona Lee (maternity leave)
Paul Roberts
Pam Skeates

Literacy Governor

Pauline Ben-Ari

Numeracy Governor

Chris Greaves

Inclusion/SEN Governor

Anne Gledhill

R E Governor

Paul Roberts

Safeguarding Governor

Pam Skeates (Associate)

NQT Governor

John Alger

Training Governor

Melvyn Allen

Pupil Discipline

John Alger, Paul Roberts, Pam Skeates

Reception Governor

Melvyn Allen

Year 1 Governor

Becky Hart

Year 2 Governor

Pauline Ben-Ari

Year 3 Governor

Anne Gledhill

Year 4 Governor

George Whicheloe

Year 5 Governor

Alex O'Shaughnessy

Year 6 Governor

John Alger

 School Council Governor Janice Hollobone

Governor Appointments


John Alger – no declaration

Pauline Ben-Ari – daughter working at the school

Adrian Deller – no declaration

Chris Greaves – no declaration

George Whicheloe – no declaration


Anne Gledhill – no declaration

Darren Hockaday – no declaration 


Colin Darch – declared spouse is a Teaching Assistant at the school


Melvyn Allen – no declaration

Janice Hollobone – member of staff


Janice Hollobone - member of staff


Maxine Slate – no declaration

Becky Hart – no declaration


Anne Mitchell (Head Teacher) – declared spouse as independent advisor / declared son is employed as 1:1 support staff

Rev Paul Roberts – no declaration


Pam Skeates – no declaration


Janice Scott – no declaration


Fiona Lee – declared employs a parent to child mind her son


 John Alger

Chair of Governors
Foundation PCC
Until 30/6/20
Pauline Ben-Ari        

Foundation PCC            Until 30/04/22
Adrian Deller    

Foundation PCC    Until 30/04/22
Chris Greaves    

Foundation PCCUntil 21/11/20
Colin Darch

Local AuthorityUntil 30/03/22
Darren HockadayAssociate Governor

Until 21/07/19
Janice Hollobone

StaffUntil 21/11/20
Annie Mitchell

Head ex officio 
Paul Roberts

Rector ex officio 
Maxine Slate

Parent GovernorUntil 17/04/20
George Whicheloe

Foundation PCCUntil 23/03/20
Fiona Lee

Deputy Headteacher - Staff in attendance  
Melvyn Allen

Co-OptedUntil 21/11/20
 Becky Hart

 Parent Until 21/11/20
 Anne Gledhill

 Foundation Southwark Diocese Until 21/11/20
 Pam Skeates

Associate Governor 

Past Governors

John Edwards        Foundation PCC Until 03/2016
Margot JoblingPCC SouthwarkUntil 09/2016
Pamela Skeates
Former Vice and Chair of Governors
Parent GovernorUntil 10/2016
Nick Van As
Former Chair of Governors
Parent GovernorUntil 03/2016

Attendance at Full Governing Body Meetings 2017/2018

  27th September 22nd November 15th March 10th July
 John Alger Yes Yes  Yes Yes
 Pauline Ben-Ari
 Apologies Yes Yes Yes
 Adrian Deller Yes Yes  Yes Yes
 Chris Greaves Yes Yes  Yes Yes
 Colin Darch Yes            Yes  Yes Yes
 Darren Hockaday Yes     Yes Yes Yes
 Janice Hollobone Yes Apologies Apologies Yes
 Fiona Lee Yes Yes Apologies Maternity Leave
 Annie Mitchell Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Paul Roberts Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Pam Skeates Yes Yes Yes Apologies
 Maxine Slate Yes Yes Yes Yes
George Whicheloe Yes    Apologies Yes Apologies
Melvyn Allen Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Becky Hart Yes Yes Yes Apologies
 Anne Gledhill Yes Apologies Yes Apologies
 Karen Newsome
  Yes Apologies
 Alex O'Shaughnessy x

xx Yes

Attendance at Committee Meetings 2017/2018

 Community Committee 08/11/17 30/01/18
 Janice Hollobone Yes Yes
 Fiona Lee Yes Yes
 Becky Hart Yes Yes
 Darren Hockaday Yes Yes
 Paul Roberts Yes Yes
 Pam Skeates Yes Yes

Attendance at Full Governing Body Meetings 2016 / 2017

  27th September 22nd November 14th March 27th June
 John Alger Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Pauline Ben-Ari  Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Adrian Deller Yes Apologies Apologies Apologies
 Chris Greaves Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Colin Darch Yes Yes Yes 
 Darren Hockaday Apologies Yes Yes Apologies
 Janice Hollobone Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Fiona Lee Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Annie Mitchell Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Paul Roberts Yes Yes Apologies Yes
 Pam Skeates Yes X X Yes
 Maxine Slate Yes Yes Yes Yes
 George Whicheloe Apologies Yes Apologies Yes
 Melvyn Allen x Yes Yes Yes
 Becky Hart x Yes Yes Apologies
 Anne Gledhill x Yes Yes Yes

X - Not a Governor at this meeting

Attendance at Committee Meetings 2016 / 2017

  12th December 8th March
 Darren Hockaday Yes Yes
 John Alger Yes 
 George Whicheloe Yes Yes
 Annie Mitchell Yes Yes
 Becky Hart Apologies Yes

 Community Committee 26th September 12th January 8th June
 Janice Hollobone Yes Yes Yes
 Fiona Lee Yes Yes Yes
 Pam Skeates Yes x Yes
 Darren Hockaday Yes YesApologies
 Paul Roberts Apologies Yes Yes
 Becky Hartx Yes Apologies

 Finance Committee 4th November 8th February 10th March 14th June
 Chris Greaves Yes Yes Yes Yes
Annie Mitchell  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adrian Deller  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Maxine Slate Yes Yes Yes Yes
 George Whicheloe Yes Yes Apologies 
 Elaine Hancox Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Melvyn Allen x Yes Yes Yes
 Fiona Lee  Yes  Yes

 Faith Committee 22nd September 10th November 2nd March 15th June
 Paul Roberts Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Annie Mitchell Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Fiona Lee Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Pauline Ben-Ari Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Elaine Caines Apologies Yes Yes Yes
 Zoe Tite Apologies Apologies Yes Apologies - notes sent before meeting

 Curriculum and Standards Committee 17th November 7th March 13th July
 John Alger Yes Yes Yes
Annie Mitchell  Yes Yes Yes
 Fiona Lee Yes Yes Yes
 Pauline Ben-Ari Yes Yes Yes
 Janice Hollobone Apologies  Yes Yes
 Anne Gledhill X Yes Apologies

 Admissions Committee     8th November 20th February
Pauline Ben-Ari Yes Yes
John Algar  Yes Yes
Annie Mitchell Yes Yes
 Chris Greaves Apologies Yes

x Not a Governor at this meeting

Attendance at Full Governing Body Meetings 2015 / 2016

  24th September    24th November 15th March 29th June
John Alger Yes Yes YesYes
Pauline Ben-Ari Yes Yes YesYes
Adrian Deller Yes Yes YesYes
Chris Greaves Yes Yes YesYes
Colin Darch Yes Yes YesApologies
Darren Hockaday Yes Yes Yes Yes
Janice Hollobone Yes Yes Yes Yes
Margot Jobling Yes Yes Apologies Yes
 Nichola Trojanowski
 (acting DHT in place of Fiona Lee)
 x Yes Yes Yes
 Fiona Lee Yes Mat Leave Mat Leave Yes
 Annie Mitchell Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Paul Roberts No Yes Apologies Yes
 Pam Skeates Yes Yes Apologies Yes
 Maxine Slate x x x Yes
 Nick Van As Yes Apologies Yes x
 George Whicheloe x xx Yes Yes

x = Not a Governor at this meeting