Our transportation ministry isn't just a bus, but is just a form of transportation. At CCMR Ministries Inc. we see
buses as a life-saving tool. We will use them as soul-winning vehicles that help us bring people to a safe place where they can come to experience the love of God and get plugged into a community of believers.
By working together with all our outreaches, we will develop bus routes. We will be able to provide a way for them to come to church or youth group or our special activities throughout the week. We see hundreds of people come to know the Lord each week as our buses bring them in. Our buses will be recognized throughout the community, and people count on them as a way to come to church and get help that they desperately need.

We will also able to provide a meal for those who are homeless, or coming from impoverished neighborhoods, as well as help them find how they can get
plugged into the right ministry of help at CCMR Ministries Inc..

Our transpiration ministry is a key tool to reaching out and building relationships around the area where we are located, with the goal of seeing people saved. We have renewed goals each week to expand and reach more people when we see our friends come on the buses, and realize how many more people have yet to be reached.

If you feel that CCMR Transportation Ministry is a need you can become a part of contact us today at CCMR Ministries Inc.

Crazy Bus

Rocky Thomas,
Aug 25, 2017, 7:21 PM