"Hospice care requires a planned service delivery system..."

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Continuum Care, Inc., a very professionally managed entity under the astute leadership of Tracy Sanders, offers not just services, but a service delivery. This is critical.  Hospice care requires a planned service delivery system composed of a qualified administration and management component; qualified, reliable and sensitive home care personnel and of most importance, applicable and reasonably priced individualized services designed to meet not just the needs of the masses but the individual client's needs. Continuum Care makes all of the above and much more available to the residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Gwen Hall Brady

"I can make a difference"

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As a registered nurse with over twenty-eight years of varied nursing experience, my motto has been, "I can make a difference".  At times, the difference simply might be helping someone to smile, or to relax.  Other times, making a difference might be comforting a loved one whose relative has just passed away. Sometimes, it is also helping someone in crisis to look to the future and see that "this too shall pass,” or "you might feel a little better tomorrow.”  I continue to enjoy the opportunity in making a difference at Continuum Care Hospice, Inc., where I am a Registered Nurse Case Manager.  Whether we are controlling our patient's pain, treating ulcers, helping our patients and their caregivers to smile (even though they might be stressed to the max), helping them to deal with end of life issues, or administering daily baths, our interdisciplinary team members, which is made up of nurses, physicians, certified hospice aides, social worker, registered dietitian, physical therapist, spiritual counselors, sitters, and office staff, truly make a difference.  Loosing a loved one at any time could be quite stressful.  At Continuum Care Inc we have the combined experience, empathy, and resources to truly make the difference.

Janice Lawrence-Malone, RN

"Working with Continuum Care as a hospice nurse has been an incredible experience."

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Working with Continuum Care as a hospice nurse has been an incredible experience.  I am performing valuable work, not only for my dying patients, but for their families and loved ones.  Being a hospice nurse has been truly meaningful and has taught me how to listen more deeply, be more respectful and give more compassionate care.    

Linda Caiger, RN

"When the passing comes, and I'm leaving their home and hugging the family, I know that I've helped and guided them on this so difficult journey. What a job I have."

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As a registered nurse, I've the kind of job that when I go home, I know I've helped someone.  With hospice that knowledge is a hundred fold. To go into someone's home, in the situation of a loved one taking that final path, it's hard to describe.  For a patient and family to make the hospice choice, when it's really not a choice is such a brave decision. A decision that benefits the family; I find hospitals to be so cold and sterile, no good cooking smells from the kitchen or the family legacy in pictures on the wall. After a few visits, I'm welcomed into the home with a big smile. When the passing comes, and I'm leaving their home and hugging the family, I know that I've helped and guided them on this so difficult journey What a job I have. 

M. Gilkeson, RN

"Thank you, Continuum Care"

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Thank you, Continuum Care Inc., for helping me with my family member, who is 94 years old. You have been so caring, committed and concerned in helping my family. Thank you for the times I personally had to call you for help –for myself as a caretaker. You were so willing to visit and sit down with us to help us understand what the elderly is going through.

Sincerely, Claire Roker

"What a comfort."

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Our mother was in Continuum Care hospice only a few but perilous days for her and our family before her passing.  Everything happened so fast but they took charge immediately and smoothed all the problems with no difficulty. Her nursing care began immediately with professional and loving attention.  The nurse was there at her passing so we would not be alone. What a comfort.  Shortly after she passed the spiritual counselor was with us to help us with our sorrow.  

God Bless Continuum Care.

Althea Ruffin

"This task would be impossible without Continuum Care."

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I have been caring for my good friend in my home for two years.  She is bed ridden, very ill and needs constant care.  This task would be impossible without Continuum Care.  The nurses, care givers, social workers and spiritual counselor are always there to give her the very best of attention with professional, loving consideration.  I really don’t know what I would do without them.

Eunice Best

"So loving and compassionate."

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When I took over the task of caring for my critically ill aunt and uncle, I was only able to cope with the wonderful and loving care of the Continuum Care people.  So loving and compassionate.  The social worker and the spiritual counselor are an added boost along with the nurses. 

Beverly Magras

"I am always so happy to see our nurses when they appear to at my door."

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I am always so happy to see our nurses when they appear to at my door. They are so friendly and caring in the way they provide for my very sick husband. Continuum is a blessing at this difficult time for us. I don’t know how would we manage without the nurses, social worker and chaplain.   

Pearl Watson

Professional and Personal Dedication

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I am most pleased with the professional and personal dedication provided by the nurses and spiritual counseling provided for my mother during this time of her critical illness.  We always look forward to their visits.          

 Lorraine Moolenaar

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