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Cancer Insights



Hospice is a special kind of caring. Hospice care involves a team oriented approach to expert medical care, pain management and emotional and spiritual support, expressly tailored to the patient's needs and wishes. Support is extended to the patient's loved ones as well.


This approach is what Continuum Care is all about.  Our goal at CCI is to provide care to the terminally ill at home, in a supportive environment in which the patient is alert, free of pain and, along with those that he or she has chosen, makes the decisions regarding care. We are dedicated to making their end-of-life as comfortable and dignified as possible. To date, we have provided end-of-life care to over 1500 patients and their families, many of whom were able to return home from the mainland to be with their loved ones.


At the center of hospice is the belief that each of us has the right to die pain-free and with dignity, and that our families will receive the necessary support to allow us to do so. The focus is on caring, not curing.  Hospice is dedicated to making that possible.


Hospice services are available to those who can no longer benefit from curative treatment or to those who decide not to pursue or continue treatment. Most hospice patients have a life expectancy of six months and receive their care at their residence.

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"A Special kind of Caring"  


Cancer is oftentimes one the the most frightening words in our language.   Educating ourselves against this scourge is our best possible line of defense.  Cancer is a chronic disease that is the second leading cause of death in both the United States and the Virgin Islands. The Cancer Facts and Figures from the American Cancer Society states, that "cancer accounts for one in every five deaths in the United States, and one in every three Americans alive today will eventually develop cancer." The mortality data in the Virgin Islands mirror national trends, with Breast and Prostate cancers being the most common for female and male deaths due to cancer. 


We have all experienced a friend, a loved one, or ourselves, having to wage the battle of cancer.   Due to the increasingly high incidence rates of cancer in the Virgin Islands, Continuum Care is launching a series of newsletters which will be devoted to the prevention, education, awareness, treatment and care of cancers, featuring contributions and insights offered by St. Croix' own Gwen Skeoch, nationally certified oncology nurse and noted author. 

Focus on Living

 When cancer strikes, often the initial reaction is disbelief, confusion, and fear.  Additionally, one is suddenly bombarded with new responsibilities, and seemingly overwhelming medical schedules.  In that setting, it is difficult to absorb helpful information, or to envision a happy outcome.  However, such an outcome is not only possible, but often probable. 

Arming oneself with an arsenal of pertinent information can literally be the difference between life and death, between sickness and health, and, between despair and a happy, productive life.  The optimum time to acquire the information is before cancer is even in one's horizon.  This opportunity though, is not always possible.  Since it is never too late to add to one's repertoire of helpful information, Continuum Care Newsletter will now offer, for the following four months, a monthly section entitled "Cancer Insights".


Topics covered in "Cancer Insights" will range from understanding what cancer is, and its various types of treatment, to preventing or managing chemotherapy side effects.  Information will also be given on recognizing Oncological (cancer) emergencies, and when to call the doctor. The goal of this series is to improve one's quality of life through knowledge.  "Cancer Insights" is geared not only to the person confronted with cancer, but also to their families, loved ones, and caregivers.


In keeping with its philosophy of bringing comfort, dignity and the highest quality of life possible, Continuum Care hopes that the information gleaned from the following four articles will meet that goal by enriching one's life during the cancer experience.  Look for next month's article to explore the nature of cancer and it varying treatments. 


-Gwendolyn Skeoch

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