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Services & Specialties

  • Skilled Nursing:  RNs & LPNs 

    Hospice nurses make regularly scheduled visits to help address the medical concerns of the patient.  The nurse will explain the progression of the disease and will teach family members how to do physical care.  All medication orders come from the attending physician.

    The Hospice nurse is available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency calls.

  • Medical Care:  Physician Services
  • Spiritual Counseling:  Counselors and Pastoral Leaders -  An important goal of our hospice is to provide support for patients and families toward a peaceful life closure.

    The Spiritual Counselor at Hospice is available for visits and to provide help and support with your spiritual needs.  Hospice has a Pastoral relationship with the Faith Community that includes spiritual members from many denominations, backgrounds and traditions.  There is always someone to care for you on a spiritual level.  If you are already getting care from your own church, mosque or synagogue, the Hospice Spiritual Counselor will not interfere. If your spiritual leader is not aware of your family situation, our Spiritual Counselor will let them know about it.  We will always consult with you first. If you do not belong to any faith based organization, our Spiritual Counselor will be happy to minister to you. 

  • Safety & Companions:  Sitters and Homemakers are on staff and available.
  • Personal Care:  Certified Home Health Aides - The home health aide is provided for your personal care. This includes assistance as needed for your bath, grooming, mouth care and linen changes. 
  • Nutritional Care:  Registered Dietitians -  Hospice patients often experience decreased appetite, nausea, vomiting, pain and constipation.  The most common problems many families face are finding the right kinds of foods and difficulty in getting the patient to eat. Our Registered Dietitians can provide suggestions and guidance in the proper approach to feeding and schedule. 
  • Community Services: Medical Social Workers - The Hospice Social Worker provides emotional support, helping the patient and family members cope and adjust to the life-threatening illness of the patient and the impact on everyone in the family. They provide assistance in explaining serious illness and death to children, in addition to assisting caregivers in the many facets of end-of-life planning and resources.  Providing information and guidance regarding loss and the normal grieving process, their experience an assistance is invaluable in helping to find ways to fulfill individual and family needs.
  • Volunteers:  The Heart Beat of Hospice -  Without the efforts of volunteers, hospices could not continue their important work. Volunteers are the backbone of the hospice team. They allow hospice to provide services it otherwise could not offer. 
  • Grief and Loss:  Bereavement for Family and Friends
  • Pain Management:  Hospice strongly advocates good pain control for terminally ill patients
  • Advance Health Planning:  Advance Medical Directives - Advance Directives can limit life-prolonging measures when there's little or no chance of recovery. Advance directives may enable one to make their feelings known about many things.  Discuss your wishes with your family and friends, your physician, your faith community leader, your lawyer.