PC Replacement Plan 2009 - 2011
There are over 20,000 computing devices in the District. Funding that many computing devices is major deal and takes years of planning to ensure the District has functional computers. CCISD uses a five year replacement cycle. 
  • Phase 1 - By summer 2009, the oldest computers at the schools were replaced
  • Phase 2 - By summer 2010, all high school staff and student computers were replaced
  • Phase 3 - By summer 2011, all middle school staff and student computers were replaced and student computers
  • Phase 4 - Implement 1,000 instances of virtual machines at elementary campuses
Bond funds were not able to replace all computers, especially at elementary campuses. Fortunately, local dollars were provided in August/September 2013 to replace all staff and lab computers at elementary campuses. 

See Computer Replacement 2013 for more details. 

Interactive Projectors
Installed 1,000 interactive whiteboards and interactive projectors at all instructional sites. 

Network Infrastructure Upgrade
Provide technology network infrastructure for the following campuses:
  • Kaffie MS
  • Grant MS
  • Cullen MS
  • King HS
  • Zavala Elementary
  • Hicks Elementary'
  • Berlanga Elementary
  • Kolda Elementary
  • Garcia Elementary
  • Veteran's Memorial High School (in progress)
  • Dorothy Adkins Middle School (in progress)