Web 2.0 for Classrooms

Web 2.0 are web-based communities and hosted services, such as social networking sites, wikis, and folksonomies which facilitate collaboration and sharing between users.  Click on the Padagogy Wheel V4.0 below for an exploration that includes Bloom's Taxonomy, Action Verbs, Activity, and App links.

Padagogy Wheel

The Padagogy Wheel visual places the idea of motivation and capabilities at the center, which gets at one of its more compelling characteristics as a model – the meshing of technology, thinking, and student motivation. Many of the failures in #edtech are failures in #edtech integration, and frameworks like the Padagogy wheel attempt to clarify the relationship between “big picture” elements. Seeing the pieces–tablets, apps, learning goals, cognitive actions, etc.–and how they work together is everything. Without that vision, any bit of #edtech is limp and lifeless.