Instructional Technology Integration Frameworks

Technology integration is the use of technology resources, such as computing devices, digital display, mobile technology, digital and social media platforms, networks, software platforms and the Internet in daily classroom practices. Successful technology integration is achieved when these technologies become routinely used during the teaching and learning process. Other success criteria for technology integration includes availability of technology for the task at hand. Finally, technology integration should always support the curricular goals while improving student achievement. 

There are several popular technology integration models available to school districts. Corpus Christi ISD has adopted the two listed below. Please click on each one to learn how CCISD infused technology into the teaching and learning process. Happy Integrating!



TPACK is a technology integration model that focuses on balancing Technological, Pedagogy, and Content Knowledge.  The model is used to show how those three components work together to integrate technology in a way that supports and enhances what the students should understand with respect to a teacher's instructional methods.


SAMR Model

SMAR Model

SAMR is a model designed to help educators infuse technology into teaching and learning. Developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura, the model supports and enables teachers to design, develop, and infuse digital learning experiences that utilize technology.