Specific to CCISD
 Top Canvas Tips n' Tricks

Middle and High School Educators


        If you have semester courses, you need to share the first semester to commons so you may pull down for the second semester.

    • Share to Commons (Guides) - If you'd like to share your course content to Commons privately, with others in the district, or with the public, you will need to do so before your course is concluded on date.  (Don't worry, you can still import the content without sharing to Commons if you choose. See below.)
    • Commons: Sharing Resources (Video)
    • Import from Commons (Guides) - Import content from courses you have shared to Commons or resources shared by other educators into your Semester 2-course shell.
    • Copy Course Content from Past Course (Guides) - You can import all of your course content from the previous semester or select specific content from past courses into your Semester 2-course shells.  Here (in your new shells), you can make any additions or edits to prepare for the new semester.