Using iTunes U:

Requires an iOS device (iPad, iPhone, etc.)
Requires iTunes U app -
iTunes U Public Site Manager Enrollment -

Creating iTunes U Courses:

Requires Safari version 5.1 or later for Mac or Windows or Firefox version 13.0.1 or later for Mac or Windows
(iTunes U Courses cannot be created or edited using an iPad at this time)
Requires an Apple ID -

Types of Courses:
Public vs Private (pros and cons)

What you can do with the course:
Posts, announcements, assignments, materials, note-taking

Limitations of the course:
Only teacher to student communication

Tips for creation:
start with outline
gather resources first
image specifications

iTunes U Presentation

About the Presenter:

Matt Baier teaches AP Government & Politics at Cathedral Catholic High School.  He has also taught American Government, Economics, and World History at CCHS.
Matt is also the Director of the Center for Innovation at Cathedral Catholic.  The Center for Innovation . . . 
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