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Becoming Paperless

Requires a 1 to 1 classroom

This presentation will focus on becoming paperless in primarily in an IPAD classroom but the principles could be applied to any 1 to 1 classroom.

Paperless Pros:

No paper wasted!
Easier Grading!
Everything is in one place!
Electronic Portfolios

Paperless Cons:
Teachers/Students need to adjust to new routines
Many Apps/Programs to choose from

Apps/Programs Used:


Google sites

Google forms




iTunes U


Presentation Outline

Kathy - Intro- 
Matt - Intro
Kathy - paperless pros:
- no paper wasted
- easier grading
- everything in one place

Matt Paperless pros
- less mess in classroom
- electronic portfolios

kathy paperless cons
- tech issues
- typical not following direction stuff

Matt paperless cons
- new routines for teachers/students
- many apps to choose from
- "workflow" improving but not perfect yet

Kathy Distribution of materials
-websites (school or other)

Matt Distribution of Materials
- iTunes U
- Google Site?
- Google Group
- Moodle

Kathy Do Work
- iMovie
- Weebly

Matt Do Work
- neu.Annotate
- Notability
- Google Sites?
- Moodle

Kathy Collect Work
- Google Form
- YouTube
- turnitin?

Matt Collect Work
- Dropbox
- email?
- Moodle?


About the Presenter:

Kathy Garcia currently teaches American Sign Language at Cathedral Catholic High School.  She previously taught in a multiple subject classroom for San Diego City Schools for 12 years. She has taught in a 1 to 1 classroom for the past 3 years, currently with iPads.