Health Services

Project Access Tarrant County (PATC) is a collaborative community project sponsored by the Tarrant County Medical Society.
PATC assists with specialty care, ancillary services, and surgical medical care to individuals who qualify. 
This program expands health care access and improves health outcomes for the low-income, uninsured residents of Tarrant County by utilizing charitable gifts from a network of voluntary providers and leading organizations in our community.  

A network of volunteer physicians, partnering hospitals, charitable clinics, and ancillary partners agree to donate their services to see a set number of patients per year. 

Patients are referred for enrollment in the program by volunteer physicians, partnering hospitals, and partnering charity health clinics. 

See the list of partnering charity health clinics.

If you are enrolled in JPS Connection, Medicaid or Medicare, you are NOT eligible for PATC services.

If you need any of the following services: chemotherapy and cancer, dialysis, cirrhosis, pregnancy, emergency medicine, serious psychiatric issues, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS and assistance paying for medical bills, you are NOT eligible for PATC services.

Prescription Assistance Resources

Hope Center
Catholic Charities Fort Worth
Email us: and include your phone number and best time to reach you Monday - Friday between the hours of  8am and 12pm.

Broadway Baptist Church
817.336.7464 ext. 8254

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